“Too many politicians today are taking marching orders from powerful special interests and no longer represent the people who elected them.

When politicians care more about pleasing a handful of wealthy elites than standing up for their districts, communities like ours lose our representation. I’m running to take it back.”

- Jim Largent

Vote Dr. Jim Largent in the March 6 Republican Primary

Friends, Tonight the voters have spoken and Rep. Lang has prevailed. I congratulate Mike on his victory and hope that he will take some of our ideas and incorporate them into his representation of HD60 in his next term. I fear that without some changes, rural Texas counties, cities, and public schools are in real trouble. I cannot thank those of you who supported me, enough. We had a true, grassroots campaign, built on ideas and common sense, but unfortunately, not a lot of money. I am proud of the race we ran. I know my family is proud of me, and my Dad would have really gotten a kick out of this race, had he been here to experience it. As I said before the votes were ever counted, this has been a great experience for Jeri and I. We have met some wonderful people along the way and we thoroughly enjoyed traveling all the counties of HD60 and meeting people from all walks of life. For those of you who contributed time and/or money to our campaign, I’m sorry we couldn’t get it done. We tried until the last minute, and while a lot of people will tell us what we “should have done,” with the resources we had, there was not much more we could have accomplished. This was a great learning experience for me, another chapter for my book of life, and an experience I will never forget. There is no way I can properly thank all of you who worked so hard on my behalf. I will always be grateful for the time, money, and effort you put into this campaign, and I will never forget the thousands of people who supported me in this race with their votes. I will now return to my job in one of the best school districts in Texas and continue serving the children of Granbury, Texas. I look forward to the next chapter in my life. Thanks again for all your support! I will never forget this experience. Dr. Jim Largent


We voted for the 5.4 million children. WE are their voice!!! They are OUR future! #publicEd #blockvote #largentHD60 #milder #vote

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